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CELLT Leaders Offer Web 2.0 Graduate Course

 What:  A series of eight (8) sessions on critical issues and skills for using Web 2.0 technologies in your contemporary teaching and learning. Assignments and exercises are all project based and “hands on.” Steve Acker, Ph.D., and Thom McCain, Ph.D. are the primary instructors with assistance from staff of The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University. 

      Dr. Acker is Emeritus Professor, The Ohio State University where he directed TELR (Technology Enhanced Learning and Research) within the Office of the CIO. A recent version of his ePortfolio can be visited here.

      Dr. McCain is Emeritus Professor, The Ohio State University and currently the director of CELLT, The Center for Experiential Learning, Leadership, and Technology. A recent version of his ePortfolio can be visited here.

When:  Beginning October 21, 2009, eight Wednesday evenings from 5-7 PM with online activities to be completed each week.

Where:  The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University Learning Center (plenty of convenient parking).  Computers provided or you may bring your own laptop.

Why:  Stay current with emerging teaching and learning practices that are facilitated with new communication technologies.

  • earn three hours of graduate credit;
  • work towards certification in Technology and Learning;
  • gain hands-on experience with: electronic portfolios, blogs, digital images and video, advanced search, hand-held devices, social networking, online learning, learning management software;
  • Meet technology requirements of your professional development plan;
  • build an electronic portfolio to showcase and chronicle your learning and teaching accomplishments
  • learn from a variety of professional teachers with best practices in various core content subjects.
  • improve understanding of the technologies that students use outside the classroom;
  • increase competence in using web 2.0 technologies to improve teaching and learning in your classroom;

Proposed Schedule for Fall 2009 - Assignment from each week will be presented in the class ePortfolio compiled over the eight course sessions.  

Week Topic  
1 Electronic Portfolios – learning portfolios as an alternative assessment and showcase of work  
2 Hand held devices – Using cell phones, ipods and other amazing new small stuff relied on by today’s student  
3 Learning Management platforms – using Sakai and other LMS to support teaching, learning and assessment  
4 Digital images – using digital still and video cameras, displaying and sharing images, legal issues  
5 Class wildcard- based on needs and desires of assembled class and voted on by its members- an emergent technology likely to impact contemporary teaching and learning.  
6 Social Networking – Blogging, Face Book, Twitter, and beyond  
7 Open Educational Resources- Teaching without textbooks, using contemporary, up-to-date resources licensed for free use and legal modification  
8 Ethical and Social Implications of the “new academy”—reflecting your changed teaching and learning philosophy, sense of fair use, social equity, perspective on privacy in your ePortfolio  



Contact:  Steve Acker @  or Thom McCain @