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CELLT at eTech Ohio Conference

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The eTech Ohio Conference, February 1, 2, and 3 is the largest state conference dealing with education and technology. It is a dedicated time when Ohio educators, (teachers, faculty, librarians, instructional designers, administrators, students, technicians) network, listen and explore -- then roll up their sleeves and learn! It is a dedicated time where folks rub elbows with people like themselves; hear from international experts; recognize teaching excellence, scholarship, student accomplishments, and tech innovations. It is a dedicated time where educators (from pre-school, elementary and secondary education, career centers, colleges, universities, and adult education) can tap into the best educational currents across the state and re-energize!

Classrooms of the future are happening today and tomorrow.  They are and will be learning spaces designed so that students can reach well beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. In the classroom of the future that we at CELLT envision, good teachers will still be finding ways to improve student engagement, experimenting, and pushing the envelope regarding school policies that often inhibit innovation.   

The Classroom of the Future Exhibit at the eTEch Ohio conference will feature demonstrations and discussions about two of the innovations in learning that research indicate are most likely to impact classroom teaching and learning in the immediate future.  These technologies include Mobile Computing (Smartphones/NetBooks), Open Educational Resources (OER), eBook Readers, and ePortfolios. We’ll locate these, and other talked about technologies (Google Wave, Twitter, gesture sensitive displays), within the “Hype Cycle.” Discussions will help an institution decide how to plan for investments in new technologies and instructional approaches that maximize the learning and financial benefits of innovation and limit the accompanying risk.    

With sessions individually targeted to math and science, social studies and language arts, and foreign languages, Steve Acker and Thom McCain, senior consultants from the Center for Experiential Learning, Leadership, and Technology (CELLT) (and Emeritus Faculty from The Ohio State University) and Michael Butsko, Senior Network Engineer from The Graham School and The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University will lead the sessions.  Classroom teachers, Evan Rulong, Rebecca Stadler, Jamie Lenzo, Amy Vickroy, Ed Ingman and Brice Dobler will conduct mini-lessons that require participant interaction with “technologies” – mobile computing (including smart phones) and open educational resources.   

Attendees at the conference will be students in this classroom of the future.  We hope that they will leave the sessions with a good sense of practical new learning technologies that go beyond the hype, and can support student learning. We’ll also leave attendees with a resource pack to help you implement new technologies at your school. 

Click here for Steve Acker and Thom McCain’s Introductory Podcast.