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CELLT at eTech Ohio Conference

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The eTech Ohio Conference, February 1, 2, and 3 is the largest state conference dealing with education and technology. It is a dedicated time when Ohio educators, (teachers, faculty, librarians, instructional designers, administrators, students, technicians) network, listen and explore -- then roll up their sleeves and learn! It is a dedicated time where folks rub elbows with people like themselves; hear from international experts; recognize teaching excellence, scholarship, student accomplishments, and tech innovations. It is a dedicated time where educators (from pre-school, elementary and secondary education, career centers, colleges, universities, and adult education) can tap into the best educational currents across the state and re-energize!

eTech Ohio Introductions

For those who are coming to check out eTech's Classroom of tomorrow, take a chance to meet some of the CELLT team who will be programming and leading the classroom:

Thom McCain & Steve Acker

CELLT Development and Leadership