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Bold Proposal from state of Washington for Education System Restructure

January 5, 2011 by Thom

The State of Washington's Governor Gregoire has called for a whole system for education in the state.  One of the interesting features of the proposal is to make the last year of high school a "launch" year.  Students would focus on preparing for their futures.  Makes sense.  Read a summary in the Seattle Times:


CELLT is planning for the future

December 15, 2010 by Thom

Having completed rounds one and two of our 21st Century Skills and ePortfolio project, we are turning our attention to new opportunities and directions.  Among the projects currently under way is a research project with Ohio Dominican Education Professors Hope Benton-Borghi and Dan Brillhart.  The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University is in the process of a critical focus on improving student writing and are working with coaches from Middle College National Consortium on ways and means to improve the teaching of writing with the whole staff.  More on the project soon.

Recent Resources related to College Readiness

October 7, 2009 by Thom

Preparing students for success in the workforce and in college is a matter of major concern in the US.  Careers in the future are more apt to require advanced education and training than they do today.  Yet, only about 55 percent of Hispanic students and 51 percent of black students will graduate on time with a regular diploma, compared to 79 percent of Asian students and 76 percent of white students.  Wealthy students are going to college and succeeding, poorer students, not so much.  There are two parts to the problem – college readiness and college success.  In t

An Invitation to the Web 2.0 Dance

June 11, 2009 by Thom

I'm a big advocate for integrating contemporary technology into the learning process and the schooling process because technology is by definition a connecting device. Contemporary learning is about being connected to both people and resources. Web 2.0 technologies extend, enhance and enliven the human condition. They wouldn't be in such wide use if they didn't. Everyone is in awe of what YouTube shows and shares, but teachers often aren't sure how they can apply it in the classroom.

Where CELLT is Going

May 17, 2009 by Thom

CELLT has enjoyed its infancy. During our first two years we've established some great relationships with professional educators and technology enhanced learning specialists. Some very important growth spurts have happened along the way, including forging an alliance with LongSight Communications. You'll be hearing more about our programs that can provide Sakai and ePortfolios to small schools at reasonable costs. Watch for our announcement of the consortia in coming months.

How CELLT Began

March 24, 2009 by Thom

CELLT began, like so many projects, over a cup of coffee. Greg Brown, Eileen Meers and I were exploring ways to share the successful experiential curriculum that they had developed over seven years at The Graham School in Columbus, Ohio. I don't remember a thing about the coffee. I do remember having one of those "ah ha" moments. We have always wanted to have an impact on improving student learning. As we thought of ways to expand the school, the obvious appeared. We should expand and share the experiential program with the help of new and innovative technology. So we've begun that journey.